WHY VALLIANZ As one of the subsidiaries of a large enterprise group in Singapore, we believe that working in Vallianz gives you a lot of opportunities to learn about the marine industry, interact with colleagues from various cultures, and grow to be an independent and effective team player. We believe in sharing best practice and learning from one another. With an opportunity to interact with our international network of peers, our employees get the chance of develop as a result of our collaborative culture.

Vallianz is the perfect place to develop top's talent  to enter into many great opportunities. We have a diversified clientele in offshore Oil and Gas Industry. With worldwide operations, you may have  opportunity to travel, broaden your knowledge, skills and excel your competencies.  And it allows you  to work with the experts, and building your experience and carrer with an industry leader. There is a wide range of career opportunities at vallianz. We work across all sectors within marine industries, from technical to functional roles, and together we provide a complete world class marine service.