Quality, Health, Safety And Environment

PTVOM prioritize personnel protection and health and safe working conditions as well as environmental protection and giving excellent quality service while adhering to legal HSE requirements.

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Establishing safe and healthy working conditions for employees onshore and offshore. PTVOM prioritizes the protection of workers as a non-transferable asset, to ensure the protection of a safe and healthy environment in developing the company’s strategy.

All levels of employees both onshore and offshore, are required to have QHSE compliant behavior.

In creating a strong safety culture, PTVOM works closely with all personnel and contractors leading to improved performance by prioritizing safety in the office, in the field and on offshore vessels. Our mission is to protect our employees guided by “Zero accidents”. It is PTVOM’s policy to achieve zero accidents and zero spills across the PTVOM fleet worldwide every day.

In doing so, the policy has been implemented. PTVOM also sets policies that cover other areas such as:

A. Drug & Alcohol Policy
B. Stop Work Policy
C. PPE Policy
D. Smoking Policy
E. Green Helmet Policy
F. Variance Policy
G. Quality Policy
H. Human Rights Policy
I. Anti Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
J. Security Policy

QHSE Report

We provide employee protection and safety through services in accordance with QHSE requirements. Our goal is to achieve sustainable safety for employees.